Is the sauna a sanctuary for you, a place where you empty the mind and where the new energy is born

Do you appreciate beautiful design and want to relax in your sauna longer

You do not necessarily like heat from glowing surfaces, but rather relax on the nicely gentle oxygen-rich baths without hesitation? Saunamies™ has combined the entire sauna expertise in a ready-made package. You save yourself a lot of effort and get a personalized experience source straight to your home.



The summer cottage is far away and driving is a stress?

In the LÖYLY® sauna you will relax and reset your mind on your own patio.


The sauna experience can be quite another thing you’ve been used to in indoor saunas so far. LÖYLY® saunas are soft relaxing. There is a need for a strong stove, so a lot of pounds in rocks that you can get plenty of soft and long lasting steam. And for a longer stay, you will appreciate the relaxing benches and the good air ventilation. Each time you throw water on the stones, it sucks the fresh air from the outside to the steam stream. LÖYLY® saunas are not isolated, and therefore the interior surfaces are not burning hot. The walls therefore do not radiate tiring infrared radiation, such as insulated indoor saunas. The sauna is designed for you so that you could be a better entrepreneur. And best of all, this is all delivered in a ready-to-use package.


LÖYLY® – Spirit of sauna.


Designing is my passion and incentive. I wanted to create a sauna which combines the best sauna materials and passionate design work. My aim was to create a better experience and an atmospheric and beautiful sauna that could be purchased easily.

The respected former president of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, described the sauna in a noble way:
”For me, sauna is a place for relaxing and spiritual refreshening. The convivial atmosphere in the sauna encourages peace and harmony. I personally think life without sauna is impossible.”
The LÖYLY® sauna was created with these thoughts in mind and the development continues.

You can buy Saunamies ™ saunas with an electric or wood stove and if necessary, without felt-covered roof if you want to finish it yourself. Contact us to make a unique solution tailored to your specific needs.

“I threw the first scoop of water on the stones and that marked the beginning of one of the best sauna experiences of my life.”

– Jarkko Nieminen, Tampereen Lihajaloste Oy –

LÖYLY® saunas are manufactured on request and delivered ready to use. LÖYLY® saunas can be tailored according to your needs.

You don't need to give up your sauna even when you sell your property

New, relaxing sauna experience in milder temperature

Enjoy the oxygen-rich air for even longer

You can easily and affordably change the decoration of your sauna afterwards.

We can adjust the sauna according to your needs when ordering.

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